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What can Alfred do for CafeTran?

"Ask yourself what Alfred can do for you!"

It would be interesting to explore how Alfred can help Mac users to make creating projects for CafeTran easier.


A far more useful question would be: This is what I want to do. Can I achieve it with the apps that come with a Mac, or do I need another app, like Alfred? OR: I can achieve it with existing Mac apps, but would another app, like Alfred, be considerably easier? The way it's stated above sounds more like, I need an excuse to buy Alfred.


Someone already created a workflow for our favourite MT system: ;)

Display synonyms from

This Alfred workflow uses the offline translation databases provided by

Substitute words by checking against a thesaurs:


Etc. etc.

Two questions:

  1. Would that be the original API?
  2. Do you need Alfred for it? (for this workflow, yes of course, but for using the API?)

I admit I was inclined to buy Keyboard Maestro because of Tom's macro a week or two ago. Glad I didn't.


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