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Constant disrespectful and very aggressive postings

I have a big problem: disrespectful and aggressive postings of a fellow CafeTran user in the CafeTran Freshdesk. I think that we all know, whom we are talking about.

I don't understand why this intimidating and insane postings are allowed here.

This week I received a request for a training. I thought that the questions that were asked were of a generic kind, so I decided to invest a couple of hours of my time to answer them in the Newbies forum. 

Each time I started with 'I advise ...' to indicate that my answer represents my opinion about a simple workflow. I never indicated that my opinion is better than any other one. But when teaching, you sometimes have to skip alternatives (like TMX termbases). 

As a matter of fact, I'm a tolerant person. But there comes a point where one has to stand up. Postings like:


Where the poster disrespects my desire to post my informal writings under an alias, because they shouldn't interfere with my professional work (Google doesn't forget anything). And then these constant threats – at least I consider them so (and I'm the addressee, so that matters here). I'm really disgusted.

Igor, as the owner of the CafeTran Freshdesk, please take action here. This silly behaviour shouldn't be tolerated. It can damage the image of your software.

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Please note that the fellow CafeTran user prefers to use an alias himself, so why not respect mine?

And here's what the new user of CafeTran wrote in a private message:

>I will work today on understanding the info in the newbies forum. The info you've provided is going to be great for new users. Thanks so much!


>Hi Hans,

You and your involvement in the CafeTran community are honestly what sold me on getting CafeTran. I thought, "If Hans loves this so much, it must be good. And I can rely on him to help get me started." 
His latest outburst: You filth. Lower life-form. // Is that kind of language allowed here, Igor?
Looks to me as if this person has problems with self control: “I would have been perfectly calm, if you wouldn't have provoked me, and still do. I admit that I'd love to turn you into minced meat, though.”

Good morning Hans and Hans,

It is a beautiful fall morning here with leaves dropping gently outside. Drinking my first cup of coffee, I am perplexed why two Hanses, two friends, two "flying" Dutchmen, two seasoned CafeTran users are again at war of words simply over ways how to use certain features. It sounds like two captain pirates on the same ship at the stromy seas heading for two opposite harbors. I'd hate to moderate you guys but before I do anything, let me suggest the following:

1. Please avoid coarse language (filth, bull, lower life-forms etc.) when presenting your arguments. It may hurt.

2. Please accept different opinions to your posts on the forums. If you find it really disturbing, start a blog where you can have the full control on who and how responds to it. You can provide a link to your CafeTran-related posts.

> Is that kind of language allowed here, Igor?

I know people who call names at each other to have fun and are still very good friends. But if it is harmful to you, I will edit those names.

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Thank you. Have a nice weekend!
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