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FAQ for newbies – Part 8

What does ctrl C do? What is the copy and paste shortcut?

On Windows you can use CTRL+C to copy any text and CTRL+V to insert it. You can also use these buttons:


How do I correct Source Text and save that? 

Make sure that this menu command is checked:


Now CafeTran's version of your source text will be edited. If you want to modify the imported document too, you can do so by:

  • Finish your project, commit it to Memory and export it.
  • Detach your Memory.
  • Use Task > Transfer source segments to target
  • Export the project, which will now contain your edited version of your document(s).

This is great info. Thanks. I know this Ctrl + C question sounds dumb, but this is not turning out to be intuitive for me after years and years and years of relying on CTRL C and CTRL V. I end up with irrelevant things in my Target Text when I use Ctrl C. 

It seems like I can't multi-task with CT open. 

For example, let's say I have my e-mail or a webpage open on one screen, and CT open on the other screen. If i want to copy and paste something OUTSIDE OF CT, like move a paragraph from my e-mail lower down in my e-mail (this has nothing to do with my CT), then as soon as I hit CTRL C in my e-mail, that text is now in my Target Text and stored in my memory and CT has moved to the next segment! 

Now, when I hit CTRL C in my Target box for whatever reason, what happens is that it moves me to the next segment, which isn't what I want. I can then PASTE what I just copied into the next segment. But, I am not wanting to be there! 

Any tips?

Is any of these menu items ticked?


Oh, or Clipboard sensitive of course.

Hi! Yes, I did have the "bind external editor" feature highlighted. I did that for the possibility of dictation. I am not entirely sure what the other features of that function are, or how to use it. When I googled quickly, I found this:

which has information I like! I want to try to do the autohotkey solutions you talk about. I am interested in trying out the MT integration you mentioned, too. 

I then saw this post where it seemed you didn't need to use the BIND EXTERNAL EDITOR anymore for these features:

What I haven't found is when to use the "bind external editor." 

These discussions show a lot of potential for improving my speed and accuracy. I want to figure them out!

>Hi! Yes, I did have the "bind external editor" feature highlighted.

Igor, can that be the cause of what Jessica is experiencing? 

It was! When I stop highlighting that, it no longer causes that problem. However, if I ever needed the BIND EXTERNAL EDITOR feature (when do you suggest I use it?), then this would really cramp my style. It bounces ahead with crazy things going into the Target pane without indicating it. 

Imagine you're working on one screen, writing an email, and then you later discover that your CT has been inserting crazy parts of your email into your Target Text on the other screen and moving ahead on the translation. That's been happening to me. 

Hello Jessica,

If I understand it right, you chose the editor's binding option to dictate from an external application. By default, binding is done via the system clipboard. That's why your clipboard actions such as copy and paste were hijacked by CafeTran. Just turn this option off if you need the usual copying and pasting back. For more details on binding external editors, please check this article in CT Knowledge Base:


Now I understand better why it's being hijacked and how to control that. Thanks.

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