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FAQ for newbies – Part 5

Where should I be saving everything? I want to be able to use two do I do this seamlessly? Do you use Dropbox? 

First of all, I definitely advise you to put all your CafeTran related files in Dropbox – as far as possible. The addition is because CafeTran will not allow you to save all your user files in the Dropbox (like additions to your custom dictionary etc.).

I advise you not to save CafeTran in the Dropbox, in order to isolate it from other computers that you are using. When CafeTran gets hiccups, both computers will be disturbed.

What folder structure is wise?

There are many answers to this question, just let me limit it down to one:

c:\Dropbox\prj for all your CafeTran projects, accessible from both computers.

c:\Dropbox\tmx for all your CafeTran memories, accessible from both computers.

c:\Dropbox\tab or

c:\Dropbox\gloss for all your CafeTran glossaries, accessible from both computers.


Inside these folders you can create subfolders per client, etc.:







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