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Missing segments

 I cut a poor figure with a customer today as twice he admonished that segments were missing in a sdlxliff file.

Actually, the segment were actually present in the TM so I just inserted them into the file, saved the memory, saved the project, sent the file again.

Customer wrote back that two segments were still missing.

Is there a rational explanation to this behaviour?

What CafeTran version are you using? See the menu Help > About > Product version. Is it a single sdlxliff or multi-file project?

How about CafeTran displaying a warning when creating a return package?

Not all words have been translated. Are you sure to create a return package?

Product version: 2017101601.
It's a single file project.
I like the idea of a warning that not all words have been translated, but actually I'm quite sure I did a check with Filter > Untranslated segments and there were none.


>but actually I'm quite sure I did a check with Filter > Untranslated segments and there were none

Well that's definitely strange (though I remember that it happened to me too). Could it be a matter of multiple filters that have been applied? Igor, could this be an explanation?

Were you able to find those untranslated segments. Are they empty with no characters such as a tab or white space?

As I said, those segment were in the TM, I just had to select and insert them. No tab, no white spaces. And I had no filters applied.


So if I understand correctly, you did not go over the segment one by one, but only inserted the TM exact matches via Translate > Insert all exact matches. Maybe some segments had already been pre-translated with copy source to target (the target was the same as source) so CT did not find any untranslated segments.  

No, Igor, no quite so. I translated the sdlxliff file, some 1000+ segments, saved, reread segment by segment, checked everything, especially for empty segments, saved memory and this 1-file-project, sent to customer who came back to me saying segments where missing. I rechecked, made a search for TM source segments, filled the empty segments with what I found in the TM, saved and and sent off.


If you are able to determine those two missing segments, please note their numbers and submit a support ticket with the file attached. I can check if there is anything unusual with them.

Well, the files have already been corrected and sent off so I don't know if there's anything unusual to be found.
As this is an ongoing project that will run until the end of the month, I rather wait and see and will control what I'm doing with the files to come. Should this occur again, we shall investigate further.
Thanks for now.


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