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Wrapping it up

Yes, I know this is the request of a lazy translator, but nevertheless ...

I get this:


The difference between the TM segment and the project segment are surrounding quotation marks:


In an ideal world, with unlimited resources, CafeTran would wrap the project segment with " and " (now I have to open the context menu and select S1):


Can someone please reply with: Come on Hans, it's only two clicks?

Come on Hans, it's only two clicks.

But seriously, a kind of autowrap would be nice, but there would be the need to have another replace field to enter all the characters to be autowrapped, including „“"‚‘' etc. pp.

Thanks for bringing me back on earth. I’ve found that S1 has a KBS too. So actually it’s only one KBS to press, since the whole target segment will already be selected. Problem solved.
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