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TradosStudioResourceConverter: last annoying step


Just sharing a very simple trick.

After converting a termbase with the above Java app, a simple way to copy the desired columns to the clipboard is to use the cut command in a terminal. Like this:

cut -f18,22 /path.../converted.txt | pbcopy

In this example, I cut the columns 18 and 22  (my client always put my languages source and segment terms in these two columns, lucky man).

This way, I don't have to open Excel and copy the columns manually. One more annoying step eliminated...

For KBM maniacs:

It probably takes only a few seconds to create a KBM macro that will automatically insert the desired file path once you put it in the %SystemClipboard%...

A better KBM macro would display the columns header of the coverted.txt file and ask you wich one you want...


Yeah, but you'll have to be a maniac ;).


I made a KBM simple workflow for the above procedure.

The main part come from this.

It's quite simple. You select the converted.txt file in the Finder, then you choose "Get columns from converted.txt" in KBM's menu. The two columns are copied into your clipboard and you can paste them into a new CT glossary.

It's useful only if your client always put the source and target in the same columns (18 and 22 in my example).


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We have a dedicated forum now, Alain ;).

@Igor: would it take you much time to filter all Freshdesk postings (about 50 % of them are mine, as Woorden stipulated) for 'macro|Keyboard Maestro|script|AHK|AutoHotkey') and move the bunch to the new forum?

It would clean the other forums from my verbal garbage too.

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