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What shortcuts should be customized?

Just as a note to myself and to some of the rookies out there.

It is good practice not to change the default shortcuts. However, there might be some exceptions:

  • change shortcuts that do not correspond to your keyboard layout (eg. "Change case", or "Select next/previous tab") – you will only get used to them, when knowing and practicing them
  • change to typical shortcuts, if you think this is necessary (eg. Change case - Strg - F3, though this is no more the default shortcut for that in Mac OSX)
  • often used shortcuts should be "simplified". Examples: "Add checked segment to memory and got to next unchecked segment" - Alt + Enter (this kind of commands might depend on your workflow, I refer here to the command most often used by me)
  • Same for "Transfer current tag" and – less important – Remove tags - Strg- Shift - X. IMHO it is not the best solution to have often used shortcuts that need two hands, such as Ctrl-Alt-9. Instead, I use Ctrl-Shift-< ("<" is the key at the left bottom, see German layout below)



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Thanks for posting this! I agree. Regarding: Change case - Strg - F3. Shouldn’t that be SHIFT+F3? And, as a suggestion: I can “add another layer of complexity” by using AHK to set your personal KBS that will be translated to CafeTran’s default ones. Best of two worlds?
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