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Prepare multi-word non-translatables by adding | and \s

Here's a simple macro to prepare multi-word non-translatables by adding | and \s before saving them:


Hunspell spell checker is not designed to handle regular expressions and I don't know how to hack Hunspell libraries.  

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Okay, and thanks for your reply. Hmm, I guess that I have to come up with a solution. Like: adding the components of any multi-word non-translatables too. Not a problem.

Added handling for the backslash (\). Words, separated by a backslash are now treated as one non-translatable:



Duh, backslash (\) > forward slash (/). 

Added a key command to make sure that focus is always in the target term field of the dialogue box.

Okay, 'I've solved it!'. Here's the updated (and renamed) version of the macro. All multi-word non-translatables will be tagged and the individual components will be added to–because of Hunspell.


Nice, isn't it?

'added to' > added too

It looks like the \s in multi-word non-translatables prevents Hunspell to ignore them. Wow, that's a cryptic formulation. Let me try that again:

When I add \s in a glossary of non-translatables, the entries will be recognised as non-translatables (good), displayed as non-translatables (even better) and can be inserted like non-translatables (terrific!).

But they aren't ignored in QA Spelling.

Will Igor read this, or will I have to enter a Problem description in the appropriate forum?

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