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Prepare multi-word non-translatables by adding | and \s

Here's a simple macro to prepare multi-word non-translatables by adding | and \s before saving them:


Added handling for the backslash (\). Words, separated by a backslash are now treated as one non-translatable:



Duh, backslash (\) > forward slash (/). 

Added a key command to make sure that focus is always in the target term field of the dialogue box.

It looks like the \s in multi-word non-translatables prevents Hunspell to ignore them. Wow, that's a cryptic formulation. Let me try that again:

When I add \s in a glossary of non-translatables, the entries will be recognised as non-translatables (good), displayed as non-translatables (even better) and can be inserted like non-translatables (terrific!).

But they aren't ignored in QA Spelling.

Will Igor read this, or will I have to enter a Problem description in the appropriate forum?

Hunspell spell checker is not designed to handle regular expressions and I don't know how to hack Hunspell libraries.  

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Okay, and thanks for your reply. Hmm, I guess that I have to come up with a solution. Like: adding the components of any multi-word non-translatables too. Not a problem.

Okay, 'I've solved it!'. Here's the updated (and renamed) version of the macro. All multi-word non-translatables will be tagged and the individual components will be added to–because of Hunspell.


Nice, isn't it?

'added to' > added too

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