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Adding file to a project

Why is it so that adding a file (sdlxliff) to a sdlxliff-project with 4 tabs (Linguee, Total recall table, TM, glossary) opens several new instances of Linguee, glossary and TC-tables? This happens very often and is quite annoying as some of these tabs can't even be closed (mainly Linguee)?

I'm using the most recent version of CT.

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Actually, it seems that you are adding a non-CafeTran project file to another project via Project > Add document... This feature works as along as you add another document (e.g a Word document) to a project created in CafeTran. If you wish to add a sdlxliff file in the multi-file project, just add this file to the folder with your sdlxliff files.

In the coming update, CT will display a pop-up message to avoid the doubling of project's resources. 

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