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Q: (Really) Remove target segments


This is a question for Igor.

I have a lot of sdlxliff files that contain lots of (wrongly) pretranslated segments. The reason is that the Client uses his own, not up-to-date TM to prepare the files.

So when a start translating, I simply remove all the target segments and apply all the perfect matches from my own TM (which is always up-to-date) for this ongoing project (started many years ago with the same TM).

Problem: Since these are huge files, I often have to quit CT (or open an other project), and when I come back to CT (reopen the file), some of the client's wrong target segments are back.

My conclusion is that CT doesn't really remove the target segments from the sdlxliff files, but simply removes them from the Editor.

Am I right?

And is there a solution? (A way to really remove the target segments.)

Two days ago Igor confirmed that in a Studio project the propagation wasn’t saved. He fixed this. Perhaps this is related to your problem: that deleted segments are indeed not saved?
Thank you Hans, I will update and see what happens next time...

I tried with the latest update. Still have the same problem.


>I tried with the latest update. Still have the same problem.


Yes, Alain, I was afraid so. This definitely is something that has to be dealt with. 

(As is the propagation problem that I described. Luckily no other users can confirm the problem. Luckily for them, alas for me. Okay, it doesn't happen in every Studio project, but when it happens, it can be irritating.)

Hi Alan and Hans,

I confirm this issue. The delete target segments actions for sdlxliff files in the Task menu work only in the editor for the current session. They do not get saved to the file. Fixing it for the next build. Thanks!

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