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AutoHotkey script to use Google Translate for free (for cheapskates)! Subscribe to this topic Track this topic

Am reposting this from


I just stumbled across this great little AutoHotkey script (by Raphaël Toussaint) to translate a selection (anywhere on yr computer) with Google Translate, for free. Basically it's a free version of GT4T. I found it @



We have CafeTran, Michael, we don't need scripts or macros.

I am currently experimenting with direct binding option for MT services available via the web interface. With this option on, whatever appears in, say, DeepL's target language editor appears in CT target segment editor instantly. If all is fine, it should be included in the next build.

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But this refers to the statistical engine of Google Translate, not the neural engine that actually works in CT. 

I never made any direct comparison, I only see that the neural eninge is far better.

@Igor: that sounds great, looking forward to it! @tre: as far as I know, the GT online interface is all neural these days, at least for certain languages such as Dutch, Spanish, German e.g to English.
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