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REQ: Make "Open with" work

This is a difficult question, possibly related with this one:

I would like to make "open with" work on Mac for several file types (xlf, mqxliff, sdlxliff, eventually tmx).

When selecting it as standard program to open with, CT starts … and nothing happens. If CT has already been started … nothing happens (even not a kind of "Add doc").

Why should I want this? 

  • When checking files with CheckMate or any other software, you are often pointed to the TU where a problem persists. But you are unable to open it directly, if the standard program is CT. 
  • Same for packages. Dragging on the dashboard is nice, but sometimes you might prefer to do a double-click to open it.
  • Checking it and having it already opened at the same time might lead to access violations.
Probable workaround/solution
  • When checking files with CheckMate you might check a duplicate you created before.
  • Create an alternative starter (Mac) or a kind of batch file (Windows) to manage such a process

Probable issue

  • CT is multi-platform, and things might get complicated. Actually I do not have a Windows notebook at hand to check it there.
Setting the TMX Editor (also Java, though not Swing UI) as standard program and "open with" works – any fiel is opened directly. Maybe the drag&drop feature might get broken when "open with" is made possible – indeed this should not happen.

Any more opinions on this?

It would indeed be consistent and expected behaviour on all supported platforms.

Yes. The problem will be to „pass“ the Dashboard, I assume. But also the behaviour when already started is not consistent.

I don't think it would bring any significant advantage. CafeTran is a project-based application where, apart from the file itself, the user relies heavily on other resources (TMs, glossaries, MTs , web resources etc.). Bypassing the Dashboard is not a option because the user would need to go back to the Dashboard to select the resources for their project. Choosing a file from the CT interface cannot be more intuitive.

IK: Bypassing the Dashboard is not a option because the user would need to go back to the Dashboard to select the resources for their project

I always use the DashBoard, but if things haven't changed (again), you can also select you resources from the Menu.


I don't think it would bring any significant advantage

You are right when it comes to daily work (though CheckMate is routine). For preparing projects the dashboard is great. But it could be a plus for having a quick look at a client file (the typical "hey, tell me if you can do this, but I do not have any source file/count at hand“) or doing some quick edits at a file, even without a TM.

The argument of more flexibility when working and of „consistent and expected behaviour“ should not be neglected.

I also see it would not be too easy to code, e.g. what happens if CT is already open with a project? An additional dialogue box asking whether to add as a source file, as a resource (if TM or glossary), or to open it solely.

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