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REQ: Start dialogue

The start dialogue buttons look as follow


There is – IMHO – a similar problem to the former Preferences Menu

  • the Billing feature is nice, but hardly (or not at all) documented (indeed, the Solutions section does not cover this), although, as far as I can see, it is a fully functional feature (nevertheless most colleagues will have and use another program for invoicing & bookkeeping. But after all, couldn't this button be relocated to another, less prominent position (e.g. at the bottom, but to the very left)
  • by the way: if this feature is so good, there should be a way to access the Invoice command after the project has been finished (or is there any?), not only at the start
  • the button label Finish is absolutely irritating. The work or project is not finished when clicking this button. Shouldn't it be "Start", "Continue" or anything else (intrigues me with every project start)? Perhaps "Finish preparation/prep"? "Start" would not make sense, as it would be repeated when the grid opens, but "Continue" would perfectly match.
  • if the not so often used button Billing is moved to the left, it would be good practice to have the other 2 buttons moved to the very right (where today's users would expect to have such buttons). One button at the very left and two buttons centered would look strange
  • BUT: Be aware that this would be a major change in the (routine) GUI, perhaps this is something to implement with a major update (2018) (if you ever think this proposal is a good idea).

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