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Purple overlaid

When you add a brand name to an Non-translatables glossary, it'll be marked purple when you open a new segment that contains this brand name. Directly after, the purple will get overlaid by the colour that you've selected for glossary entries.

This is confusing. I'd like to recognise all non-translatables by their colour, regardless whether they are present in the list of non-translatables selected in Prefs or in any non-translatables glossary.

This becomes more important when Torsten's great idea to mask non-translatables gets implemented.

The idea of masking MT data was yours. ;-D

Purple all the way. Thank you, Igor!

As of 2017-10-10 this has been fixed!!!


When you save a non-translatables as a regular expression, to include one or more spaces, like:


it isn't coloured purple.

Would it be possible to fix this too? 

Stop Press. This was not the issue. The regular expressions didn't suppress the purple colour. It was the fact that the expression was also present in the normal glossary (as a term pair).

Okay, carry on. Sorry for the disturbance ;).

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