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BUG: Navigating the menus and triggering single commands

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Navigating the menus and triggering the single commands does not work with 'Enter'.

Here on Mac with Java 9, only menu commands with choices such us "View > View Filter menu", "Filter" and the elements of the Mac-specific CafeTran menu work (to open 'Preferences') work. On Bluefish (a Java-based editor) everything works.

Confirmed by Hans vd Broek

This thing would allow to script certain actions wirh AppelScript and/or Keyboard Maestro.

It doesn't look like a bug to me. It's just some Java limitation to the Mac menu integration (at least for program written in Java Swing UI libraries). Bluefish is not Java.

I tried OmegaT and Regexr, a.o., and there it works.


Okay, okay, Bluefish is not Java.

@Hans: If I remember correctly, OmegaT is not made with Swing UI.

But besides that: No remedies anywhere to fix that?

 No remedies anywhere to fix that?

I am not aware of any quick workarounds.

I understand you need this feature for some scripts. Then why don't you replace the Enter command on menus with the mouse click in your script?

IK: I understand you need this feature for some scripts

That's not how I understand it. I think Torsten wants some more shortcuts, shortcuts that do not exist at the moment. His alternative would be using Control-F2, which doesn't work in CT. Then I suggested to use AppleScript and Automator/Keyboard Maestro to create the shortcuts himself.


That's pretty strange, Ctrl-F2 sometimes works, sometimes not.

But indeed, as Mac menus are static on the screen, there is the possibility to do this with Keyboard Maestro within a few minutes (just tested, I was not aware of this simple way). The Apple script way will be inly some coding away from there, I assume.

Nevertheless, the missing keyboard trigger for single menu items is a thing that should be fixed in long term. 

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