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DeepL freezes CT


I can use DeepL with relatively no problems (except the garbbled text which ungarbbles when it is transferred to the target pane - which you said would be resolved with java 9 - so, ok for now).

But when I close and reopen CT after using DeepL here is what happens:

CT opens fine in the dashboard view

I can pick a project fine.

If I pick a project translated with DeepL, the project opens, but CT freezes. I have to force quit and start a new project to get the target back through the TM.


(Mac OS X 10.11.6 - CT 2017092401)

Seems it freezes when DeepL is checked automatically in the dashboard after using it. If I uncheck it before opening any projects I can open projects again. Anyway, seems like a bit of a bug.

Hi Julie,

Java 9 has been released and CT has been updated to work with it. Please update CafeTran and Java to the latest version. It might resolve the issues with DeepL web resource. It fixes the garbled text issue, and I haven't experienced any freezes related to web resources yet. The latest CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi update 22 is available here. 

Ok, thanks. The latest build of CT still freezes if DeepL is checked (still on java 8 since the Java update manager says my Mac is up to date?!?)

You can download Java 9 for Mac from Oracle's site here.


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