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No match where there should be a match...


I've sometimes witnessed an issue. CT doesn't show a match where there should be one (I know the source segment is almost identical, as it is in the same project I'm working on). This time I've made a screenshot. It's a Studio package with 3 idml files, glued together. As you can see, the previous segment is almost identical (only difference is "Schnurstopper" vs. "Holzstopper"), shouldn't this be a 95% match?

Thanks in advance for your help!


(31.9 KB)
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If I'm not mistaken, CafeTran considers "Schnurstopper" and "Holzstopper" as 2 completely different strings. So the matching rate will be considerably lower, perhaps 78 % or 84 %.

Hello Hans,

yes, but the problem is: the matchboard doesn't show any match at all... not even a lower one...


Here's another example of this issue. As you can see, only the subject in the sentence is different, like in the previous example I've submitted, and CT doesn't show any match at all!


(24.9 KB)
(16.6 KB)
The same applies to another segment in the same text: same sentence, there's not even the difference between Herr and Frau, as it is another Frau, only the name of the two women is different and CT still shows no match...


Hi Elisabetta,

It would help if you attached the screenshot of the whole CT window. You can attach the screenshot in the support ticket if you prefer.

Thanks Igor, now I cannot show you the issue anymore, as I have already translated the file, I probably have to wait until it happens again, I guess...


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