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Glitch in "List words with unknown spelling"

I made some comments on other aspects some years ago, but this point here concerns the behaviour when there are no words with unknown spelling.

Well, nothing happens.

[  ] Take it as it is. You are stupid and will understand after the fifth or sixth click that there are no words with unknown spelling.

[  ] there should be a note or a symbol somewhere (in the bottom bar?) showing up and pointing to the fact of no spelling errors.

[  ] there should be the list tab opening congratulating the user for his/her perfect work (but that it cannot be confused with the list itself).

[  ] Yay, a dialogue field would be perfect (answer only for statistical reasons, there is no chance to get a dialogue field here)

Well, to be honest, no. 2 is my favourite 

I agree that some message, apart from the blank pane with no results, could be more informative.

... I do not even have a blank pane then

I can confirm it. Please expect a message pop-up in the next build. Thanks for raising it!

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