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REQ: Masking MT data

Based on this here it would be a nice idea to have MT data masked (anonymized), if you want).

Source text: 

Max Mustermann works at Philips in Tilburg. 

Non-translatables: Max Mustermann, Philips, Tilburg. 

Text sent to MT:

aabbcc works at bbccdd in ccddee.

Text resent from MT:

aabbcc arbeitet bei bbccdd in ccddee. 

CT reconverts the data to:

Max Mustermann arbeitet bei Philips in Tilburg

Wouldn't hat be brilliant and be a very nice USP? 


  • no more or at least less worries about privacy
  • more non-translatables might allow some more advantages


  • MT could become slower (perhaps hardly perceivable)
  • the variables need to have a flavor that does not irritate MT and is not being changed (to allow reconversion)
  • no absolute security concerning privacy 
  • more hassle with adding non-translatables

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That's a good idea and it may appear in one of the coming updates this year.

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