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Java 9 and CT: Undo and Redo not working


I'm running the latest CafeTran version with Java 9 and I noticed that Undo and Redo operations (buttons and shortcuts) do not work anymore.

For example, Ctrl+Z moves the cursor within the target segment, while it was used to Undo.

The issue is not present when I run CafeTran with Java 8, so this seems to be specific to Java 9 with CT.


Yes, it is the current Java 9 issue which broke Java 8 implementation of undo/redo actions. The difference is that the undo/redo actions are character-based under Java 9 vs. word-based when CafeTran runs on Java 8. I am waiting either for the new Java 9 build that will fix it or a documented workaround.

Thank you Igor for this information. I hope that the issue will be fixed soon through a Java update or a new CT build.

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