CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi Update 22




CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi update 22 is available for download. The update can be performed via the Drag & Drop procedure as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here (do not unzip or rename the file after downloading) and place it on your desktop.

Note: On Mac OSX, the Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading. To prevent this, just use the right-click menu and choose the "Download Linked File" command.


3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program.

Alternatively, you can install the update via the Update button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

What's new:

  • The update 22 is the first CafeTran version that runs either on Java 8 or the latest Java 9.
  • Removed support for the outdated Java 7.
  • Java 9 fixes an issue with garbled characters on some web resources (e.g. TM-Town login page) on Mac.


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 Great, thanks!

In the meantime,I've tried using a different browser (Internet Explorer instead of Pale Moon). With IE, everything worked as before. But your tip is great (for the future)!

The page opens correctly in my browser.

If you visit

instead of

the download starts directly


There seems to be a problem with the above download link (or with Dropbox). When I click on the link, only an empty page appears, and nothing is downloaded. Clearing the browser cash doesn't help.

I tried yesterday at about 6 p.m. CEST and again some minutes ago, and the problem persists. 


Should the Dashboard have a lot of white now?

You should repeat the update with the original (zipped) version. Some files may not be updated if you unzip it before updating.

The previous font for Auto-completion could be changed the same as target segment editor's font. However, changing the default Java font in Autocompletion broke the display of Arabic characters (and possibly of other non-Latin based languages). Therefore, now the user can change only its size, which is the same as target language editor's font size (minus 2 points if the editor's font size is more than 20 points). Though I don't think the font is bold. It may only appear so if editor's font size is set quite large. Try to lower the size a bit via View > Font > Current target segment.

Also, Java 9 on Windows takes over the the operating system's scaling so if you changed the default scaling in Windows it would affect CafeTrans's interface including the fonts. 

after the latest build the suggestions in auto-completing are in bold.
Is it necessary?
In my opinion the previous font was much more eye-friendly and clear.




The "Uniform" theme looks quite nice, very modern, but is only available for the working mode. Would be great to have this as dashboard theme (without any urgency).

Java 9 can be downloaded here (the official landing page does not help, perhaps to note in the next announcement, if this page does not change).

Works like a charm, but the Coffehouse theme is a bit colourful now, don't you think?


Yes that’s an indication that the update worked. You can switch to a black background via the black square with white lines.

Hi Igor,

I realized the problem. The file was unzipped. I right clicked as you said and clicked Download Linked File. The drag and drop didn't work, but Help About accepted it. Nothing seems different so perhaps it worked the first time. Should the Dashboard have a lot of white now?



hmm, perhaps not the most elegant solution, but I just installed Java 8 alongside Java 9, and Heartsome works again.

on a side note: Anyone here know how to get the Heartsome TMX editor to work with Java 9?

Hi Claire,

Try to simply drag and drop the downloaded file from your download location (e.g Desktop) onto CafeTran's Dashboard - welcome screen. If you still have an issue with the update, please submit a support ticket.




The new build of update 22 (2017100301) is available for download with the following fixes and improvements:


- Fixed an issue with the segments grid display after the "Segment with letters" filter is set. 

- Fixed an undo/redo editor's issue related to Java 9 update.

- Fixed display of Arabic script in Autocompletion on Windows system.

- Handling TMX translation memories which have the external Document Type Definition (DTD) set.


Please update the program as described in the announcement post above.


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Hi Igor,

I tried to install the update via the Help About panel. When I click on the update file, it opens and then I have see four files and Cafetran icon. I clicked on the Cafetran icon and it said import complete. I'm not sure if I've actually installed the update though. I couldn't seem to install the whole update package.


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