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CafeTran doesn't import (certain types of?) textboxes in XLSX

CafeTran doesn't import (certain types of?) textboxes in XLSX. This can falsify your quotes and mean (a lot of) extra work.

I've opened a ticket for it.

Please upvote this message to signal relevance to the developer.

Thanks in advance!

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Microsoft documents can embed each other. For example, Excel stylesheets may have embedded Word objects, and the other way around. CafeTran does not import embbeded objects in main documents. However, the clipboard workflow makes it possible to create a separate project for translating embedded objects in the main document.

All true, but in this case they are normal text boxes. When you click on them, Word (or another app) isn't opened. I can normally edit these textboxes in Excel.

So in my opinion they should have been imported.

Similarly, I translated a pptx file yesterday in which CT failed to import two types of text:
Text in what PowerPoint 2017 called a curved something (I think curved textbox, but I don't have PP 2017 available right now to check)
Captions in a diagram.

Both were editable with PowerPoint 2017 and Libre Office 5, so should be imported into CT.

I've come across and posted about missing text in pptx files before.


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