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CT still fails to export text to textboxes

CT still fails to export text to textboxes.
I have a document which, for reasons known only to its author, has all text inside a large textbox. I've translated it in CT. The exported document is simply the original untranslated source document. I'm completely stuffed.

This appalling bug was reported long ago (see and still hasn't been fixed.

Please fix this!!!!

Please make sure that the tags delimiting text boxes are transferred from source to target.


I converted this topic to the ticket where you can attach a sample file to investigate if the above suggestion does not help.

There were no tags. (In this case all of the text is inside the text box.)
I'll send you the zipped project via the ticket you raised.


For other users who might come across the similar issue, please see the explanation in the original topic here:

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