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macOS High Sierra and CafeTran

Is CafeTran fully supported in macOS High Sierra?

The question should point to Java. But this seems to work

Java and "High Sierra" generates interesting search results, BTW. Ah, the Dutchmen again.

I haven't switched to that OS yet but with high probability, it should work fine. I am not aware of any Java related issues on macOS Sierra. 

IK: I haven't switched to that OS yet

You should have tested CT with a developer's version, or at least the Golden Master.

with high probability, it should work fine

Yes, more or less the same as Sierra. But I'm not giving it a try yet. Chicken.


I'll wait at least until CafeTran is supported by Java 9 (or the other way around). This time, another user is invited to bite bullet. Not always gekke hansje.

Adobe this week recommended customers using its Illustrator and InDesign software hold off from updating to the new macOS High Sierra operating system. Illustrator and InDesign have not been updated for High Sierra and there are some incompatibility issues that prevent the apps from working properly.

I just got word from a Mac user who upgraded to High Sierra. He tells me that he has been using CafeTran for the last few days, without noticing any problems.

That's great news!


Anybody else has experienced CT  (or other programs) with High Sierra? It's a slow rainy day, I was thinking of updating from El Cap. And then on to Java 9.


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