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Tag non inserted with short segment


"Processing tags" is actived in my TM options, and it works perfectly in general, but not with this short segment:


This is a long continuing Project, so I get this short segment hundreds, if not thousands of times over the years. Automatic insertion would be great. Any idea what is causing this?

Perhaps it’s a very small difference in formatting? Anyway, I’ve created a macro to insert a tag before a space follows by a period. It’s described in the Freshdesk. Later today I’ll have access to my macros. I admit that it’s a work around—but it’s better than nothing.
The formatting is always the same, there is no bold, no italics or nothing else, this is always plain text (the most simple series of sdlixif files I have ever seen).
The only difference is the number designated by the tag (step 1, step 2, and so on).
Are the numbers represented in a Windings-like font that contains nice numbers, e.g. in circles?
No, just regular numbers, in plain text.
I suspect that's it because the segment is too short and this is causes some trouble with my other setting in my Preferences. Just a guess, though...
Sorry, but I don’t understand: why are these regular numbers, in plain text, represented by tags?
No idea. They look like plain text numbers in the corresponding PDF file (source text) that I receive from the client.


Perhaps they are field results.
Just (re)installed Yeddi update 21 with the most recent file, and the problem seems to be solved. Thank you Igor (or God?).


The problem is back today. This time, I include the tag details.


Looks like a very simple tag id to my eyes, and the number inside it is probably different each time CT doesn't insert it as it should... Quite mysterious.



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