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Sublime Text 3


Is someone using Sublime Text 3 here?

I'm really impressed by this text editor. It's multi-platform. On my Mac I use it to search and manage all my bilingual TAB delimited texts, glossaries and... even tmx files (of moderate size... DGT would surely make it slow).

When I first tried it, it just looked like "one more text editor", but it's very complex, powerful and extendable (free packages built by users).

The "Find in files" function is very impressive (damn fast). You get a "Find results" tab with links to all the files that contain the searched word(s) or regex, like in a terminal, but from there you can click on any search result to jump to the corresponding line in the files themselves (or use F4 to navigate between files, jumping from a match to the next one).


A search in Europarl directory (bilingual txt files) with the word 'impressed'.


From there, clicking somewhere on the first result opens the corresponding file and display the segment (line).


It's also possible to exclude certain file types, if your folder does not contain only txt or tmx files).

Price : free if you don't mind about the popup displayed from time to time to ask you to buy it (80$).

I apologize in advance if someone tells my that plenty of other multi-platform text editors can do the same thing :-) !

Thanks for sharing, Alain, very impressive indeed!
I made two modifications to Preferences - Settings - User.
I added the two following lines at the beginning:
    "find_selected_text": true,
    "auto_complete_selector": "source, text",

First line : it copies the selected file before opening "Find in file"...
Second line : autocomplete is activated after each space (no need to use the shortcut to activate it). If the content of the opened file is not displayed in autocomplete (if you get only filenames), just install the All Autocomplete package (Preferences - Package control - Install Pack - All Autocomplete).
By the way, for complex Excel and PowerPoint files, I now use Sublime Text as a semi-CAT tool. Combined with Keyboard Maestro and Stickies, it makes a a very nice "manual cat tool". I will explain later how to do it if someone is interested.
First line: it copies the selected file text...


Hi Alain,

You might try binding Sublime Text 3 editor to CT's editor. Please check this article for details.

Hi Igor,
Indeed, it the other way around. Let my explain. What I'm trying to do is to obtain something behaving like the Felix CAT tool, but (eventually) combined with CT's Resources window (and only that window). This is mainly for complex PPT and Excel files, but I also use it with Word files too sometimes, cause it's fun.
For the moment, I use Sublime Text, since it's easier to implement, but I'm quite sure that I will eventually do it with CT.
Concretely, Here is what I do (see the attached screenshot), for example with a PowerPoint file:
  1. I translate directly in the PPT file (like the Felix CAT), so I don't have to play with tags and I always have the file itself as main interface. For me, it makes a big difference, because I receive a lot of complex file (complex layout).
  2. Before overwriting the text to translate, I copy it to Stickies with a shortcut, so I can keep an eye on the formatting (bold, font color, background color, and so on) if I need to, while overwriting the source sentence itself in PPT. I do this with "Apply style to clipboard" on Keyboard Maestro (still with the same shortcut). This shortcut also sends automatically a search for a perfect match of the source segment in Sublime Text.
  3. I also use Sublime Text to search for partial matches in my txt and tmx files. (I have Keyboard Maestro shortcuts for my different bilingual aligned texts and glossaries folders)
  4. When I finish translating a segment, a shortcut sends the source and the target, with a tab character between them, to my BigMama.txt file (which I can import later in CT's BigMama.tmx)


This is where I am now. The only missing thing is Fuzzy search with CT's Resource window. Concretely, a shortcut that sends my source segment to CT's search engine and displays perfect or fuzzy results in CT's Resources window, instead of the Sublime Text window.

It may look a bit crazy, but I really enjoy working directly in Ms Office files, without tags and will full visual context of fonts and layout.

I just realized that I can easily do it with CT instead of Sublime Text, if I activate the Edit source option.
Concretely, I just start an empty project in CT (by closing the Dashboard). Then I choose my memory and ressources, and arrange the windows to the desired size on the left part of the screen.
A simple KBM shortcut will copy my selected text into CT's Segment editor source window and launch the TM fuzzy search (with Translate - Translate selected fragment). I can then translate directly in Ms Office (no tags, full context), and, when I'm done, paste my translation into CT's target segment and confirm it (with a shortcut, of course). The source and target texts are then added to the selected TM, and I can keep translating in the MsOffice file.
It's like Felix Cat tool, but in better, much better (using CT's power).

Advantages: Working in MsOffice with full context without Felix ou Wordfast frames and hidden text, using CT's ressources, and displaying the source context (bold, colors) in a sticky.

Not sure, though, that it would be so easy on Windows or Linux (without Keyboard Maestro)...


Very interesting, Alain! I think that Michael too might be interested in the principles. He’s struggling with the disadvantages of segmentation in legal texts etc. Do you have any solution for rearranging text, moving paragraphs around etc. ? Do you arrange the panes macrowise? At one time, it was possible to use OOwriter as bounded editor. Not sure if this is still possible. Perhaps it’s worth an experiment?
Do you store any formatting in the TM? Can you retrieve it and apply to the PowerPoint? How about using _*/ to Mark underlined, bold and italics?
I know for Michael, he made me discover Felix last year... and I'm still working on a good solution to get the best from both Felix and CT.
I cannot answer to your questions for the moment, all this is still primitive here and I still have to change all my KBM shortcuts from Sublime to CT (too busy now, probably next month...)
I really think all this stuff is worth exploring, so we can exchange clues and ideas for the perfect fusion of MsOffice and CT.

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Could you please share the macros involved? I’m interested in the techniques you use. Especially for the sticking key, er, sticky
@ Do you store any formatting in the TM? Can you retrieve it and apply to the PowerPoint? How about using _*/ to Mark underlined, bold and italics?

I think Stickies is the way to go for that, since it keeps the formating.


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Good luck with exploring and experimenting. It’s nice work, but can be awfully distracting ;) I just upgraded to KBM 8, with a coupon. I’m sure that it’ll bring new gems.
Here is my stuff: source and target  (named source and cible)
You must open a sticky and Sublime, adapt the KBM shortcuts, the paths, and maybe some other things.
The MAMA shortcut won't be necessary in CT when we dump Sublime...

Have fun

(5.24 KB)

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Note : with the source macro you will get a blue background in the sticky's text. This is because I'm presently translating a very blue PowerPoint file. :-) You can adapt the background color in Apply style to clipboard, in the macro...


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