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CT fails to start a new documents folder project

Hi Igor,

I'm trying to translate two docx files in a folder. Due to initial errors in the project setup (which unfortunately last time I looked can't be changed) I had to delete a project and start again (twice in fact, which I think may be relevant*). I deleted the project folder and tried to open a new documents project with the same files, but when I click on "Start a new project" (with Documents folder checked) and then select the folder, instead of letting me enter the project settings, CT opens a blank project.

There's an easy enough workaround, but a fix would nonetheless be appreciated.

' More precisely, the first time I didn't delete the folder, just took a chance that CT would successfully overwrite it, which it did. The second time for safety's sake, i did delete the folder and now have this problem.

BTW, the reason for my problem in the first place is that the default language variant setting is changed when I open a Tradso Studio project to the settings in that project. Previously I was working on a Studio project with unusual language variants.

If would be great if the user could set a default language for all new projects. I never think to set this when I create a project, because 99% of the time I use the same language variant (in my case DE-de -> en-GB - I'm sure this is true of the vast majority of users).

No it's worse than that. I assumed I'd be able to get around it by renaming the folder, but that doesn't work, I still can't start a new documents folder project. I need you to fix this urgently!


I am unable to reproduce what you are reporting. In the above scenario, if you delete the previous project's folder located in the project location, CafeTran just creates a new project with the same name at the same location. You may have either deleted another folder or clicked the "Open project" button instead of the "Start a new project" button in the Dashboard? It is just a guess.

Hi Igor,
don't ask me why this happened, but it did.
And no, I wasn't clicking the 'Open project' button - as noted the select folder dialog did open, but when I selected a folder I ended up with a blank project (though it sometimes?always? opened a TMX file (located in the target folder but not present (or selected) in the start page memory list) as a memory. (One thought: what happens if you select a folder in this dialog when you haven't checked 'Documents folder'??)
Note also that closing and restarting CT also failed to fix the problem. I got around it with the workaroudn described.

I should note that I've done this (deleted the CT project then created a new one with the same name) a good few times - if I realise after starting that project that there's a priblem (most commonly that the source files are so badly formatted that it's worth my while to reformat them and start again), I often delete the project and start again. Never previously had a problem.


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