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Memory>Import>import glossary feature


When I choose to import a glossary to memory, to which Memory is it imported?

I tried the following:

Open a project with a few entries in the glossary + a Project TM only for segments, a TM only for fragments, and a read only Total Recall TM.

When I import the glossary, its entries are not imported to the TM for fragments, but to the Total Recall TM, which is supposedly opened read only.

I tried using two TMs with fragments, and I have no say which TM receives the imported entries, entries are imported to one specific TM out of the two.

So, I would like to request the following features:

- If only one non-read only fragments-enabled TM is open, import glossary feature should import entries to that specific TM.

- if more than one non-read only fragments-enabled TMs are opened, ask to which memory or memories to import to (similar to the dialog in QA>Translation conformity check).

This would make importing glossary entries to fragments TM easier and probably more reliable than it is right now (unless I'm missing something).


As far as I can recall (though not totally), you add the glossary to be imported to your Project, add a few Memories for Fragments, select one in the tabbed pane, and import the bloody glossary.


I'm in the middle of a project and I'll test this once I'm done, but I think CT asks to you be on the glossary tab you want to import...

> , to which Memory is it imported?

It is imported to the last added TM. There should be a TM chooser in some future update to make it more intuitive. You may also try an alternative method via Memory > Import > Import tab delimited Memory... .

Just tested the Memory > Import > Import tab delimited Memory method on a on a project glossary, and it got imported to the opened fragments TM, I can confirm it works fine, thanks!

Of course, that future update would be still very welcome too :-)


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IK: It is imported to the last added TM

The last added, or the last active TM? Since I usually add an empty TM for the purpose, and then select it, I can't tell.


The last added, or the last active TM?

The last added. However, please use the other import method mentioned above which is more straightforward and intuitive.

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