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I find it amazing, how nicely AutoHotkey plays together with CafeTran! It was a little more complicated to get Keyboard Maestro interact with CafeTran as a Java app.

And I also like AutoHotkey simple macro files (plain text, *.ahk)!

There are loads of useful text manipulation macros created by the AHK community.

Does CafeTran show mnemonics in the menus on Windows? If so, can these be selected by AutoHotkey?

I'm currently experimenting with AutoHotkey, CafeTran and Windows 10.

No migration plans, just out of interest how well it works.

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Well, at least with the DeepL project, it seems that AutoHotkey isn't necessary anymore ;).

Nabrander: It's good to know that if I'd ever would have to switch platform, CafeTran will be there!

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