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How does CafeTran behave with AutoHotkey?

Does it accept it's simulated keystrokes without any problems?

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And once you've figured out how to add a term pair to a glossary, you can use all kind of manipulations before sending it to the glossary.

CAR > auto

Car > Auto

car > AUTO

car > auto;autos;automotica


Just ran a short test and it looks like AHG works beautifully with CafeTran.

Here's a script that duplicates the content of the target editor (or Find/Replace dialogue etc.) when you press CTRL+T:


And another one that adds a term pair to a glossary:


Of course, you'd want to replace "Source term" and "Target term" with your current selections in the source editor and target editor. Something like:

SourceTerm := %clipboard%

Send, {tab}

TargetTerm := %clipboard%


(Not tested...)

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