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Trados files/packages do not appear as Translated in Trados


I have experienced an inconsistent behavior when finalizing Trados sdlxliff files or (finalizing and exporting) sldppx packages in CafeTran.

Namely, when I open the files in Trados,, sometimes, all segments are set as Translated, but oftentimes, the segments do not appear as Translated in the global stats (even if they have the translated icon), which is unexpected. 

I need to use a workaround when this happens (change the status of a segment in each file and closing then saving files when asked), but yesterday, I had a package where the Translated completion stats did not go to 100%, even after using the above workaround.

Question: Am I missing something? Is there a method to consistently get 100% Translated status in files and packages when they are opened in Trados?

If needed, I can gladly open a ticket to provide an example.

I think this is an important point. If I use CafeTran for a Trados project, I wish that the process is seamless for the client who receives the project back.

I’m especially thinking about those who do not have access to Trados for the round trip.


Is this only a matter of updating analysis in Trados? I am not sure if CT should touch Trados statistics as PM might wish to rely on its own tool's data.

I would say it is a matter of setting the Translated status upon finilizing a Trades file in CafeTran in a way that makes the file(s) appear as fully translated. More often than not, in my experience, this is not the case.

First screenshot shows file status in an example package after finalizing the package and exporting back as sdlppx (not sdlrpx, I haven't tested exporting to this extension) in CafeTran.

Second screenshot shows how it should appear.

Third screenshot shows that some segments do not have the translated tick, although even setting translated status in Trados did not fully show file as 100% translated.

In general though, unless my memory plays tricks, when CafeTran sets Translated status, at least the "translated" tick icon is present in all segments.

trados 13.png
(5.79 KB)

For me, it's often enough to save a Studio project while it's loaded in Studio's editor.

But indeed, it would be nice if the project stats would always show 100% translated ...

>I am not sure if CT should touch Trados statistics as PM might wish to rely on its own tool's data.

I think that they always and automatically keep a version of the original stats, saved in Studio's folders.

On a side note: I think that for them the stats are only relevant at the creation time of a PO.

If Trados files finalized in CafeTran do not get the Translated status back in Studio (they show as untranslated in the statistics, although their segments have the "translated" icon), I came across a consistent workaround to get the Translated status at 100% without too much fuss (at least in Trados 2015):

Just run Batch Tasks > Translation Count on the related Project.

This is very easy to do and can be offered as a solution to PMs in you deliver files directly from CafeTran.

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