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Feedback left on YouTube on CafeTran 2015

The following comment was left today on my YouTube video on CT 2015:


Just in case someone wants to react to it ;-)

In Window layout 2, when I use Detached windows, the Segments editor is effectively detached from the Segments grid, as per your initial request. But indeed, the Segments editor is still attached to the tabbed panel.

I now understand you want to have the Segments editor with no other strings (panels) attached, other than the tabs docked to it, eventually. I believe this is not possible right now., but could make a good candidate for an optional detached windows feature, at least in my book :-)


Hi Idim,
Yes, and I still have a frame besides the Segments editor, even if I remove all it's content (dock it to other panes). At least on Mac, there seems to be no way to completely isolate the Segments editor. ?

Hello Alain,

Have you tried Window layout 2 and Detached windows (both in View menu)?

Is it possible to detach the segments grid from the segments editor? That would make a big difference...

>You can save your favorite layouts in project templates

Best thing since sliced bread. Transit NXT offers view. No other CAT tool does allow this flexibility, as far as I know.

There are a few reasons behind the current approach to the layout:

  1. Allow users to create (build like Lego blocks) their own preferable window arrangement depending on what they deem the most important in their workflow. In my opinion, the pure grid-based approach in other tools puts the visual emphasis on the surrounding context of the current segment. In CafeTran, the emphasis is rather placed on the current segment itself and its editing environment, plus the access to the resources CT translators work with.
  2. Let the users adjust the interface to their device's screen size (large or small) and still maintain the visual comfort of their resources, with the special attention to access/transfer web resources.
  3. Have fun playing with the layout. Even the most ergonomic layout may get boring. You can save your favorite layouts in project templates and then pick one of them, just for a change.

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CafeTran is very customizable. It also offers different Window layouts upon which to build upon.

I almost exclusively use (vertical) Window layout 2. Works great on a laptop (haven't tried it on a desktop,), and I think no screen space is wasted :-)

Matchboard is a natural fit docked with segment editors in this layout, and it brings many resources in one place.

Plus CafeTran's shortcuts and rich search features make using CT's interface and sifting through panes quick and fun.

I sort of agree, and have asked Igor about this in the past. Although it is sometimes better the CT way, it is often also just a waste of space, and I wish Igor would also add a layout where the src/trgt boxes are properly integrated into the grid.


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Here's a quick demo:

Thanks, Dominique!

I've replied at your blog and will describe the steps necessary to switch the pane arrangement as soon as possible.

Have a good Sunday!


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