CafeTran Espresso 2017 - Yeddi Update 21

Hi there,


CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi update 21 is available for download. The update can be performed via the Drag & Drop procedure as follows:

1. Run CafeTran.

2. Download file from here (do not unzip or rename the file after downloading) and place it on your desktop.

Note: On Mac OSX, the Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading. To prevent this, just use the right-click menu and choose the "Download Linked File" command.


3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the Project Dashboard and restart the program.

Alternatively, you can install the update via the Update button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

What's new:

  • Added DeepL Machine Translation online service as a web resource (see the menu Resources > Web > DeepL).
  • The Translate button in the source segment toolbar copies the source segment (or selection) to the internal web browser to look up the segment or the selected phrase in the Machine Translation web resource which is currently selected in the tab.

Due to a Java 8 issue on Mac OS, the DeepL web resource is not displayed properly in the internal web browser on Mac systems. The issue has been reported and is fixed in the coming Java 8 build 152 and Java 9. Early access of Java 8 build 152 (JRE) can be downloaded from here:

The typical workflow with Machine Translation service as a web resource (which is not available via API yet) is as follows:

  1. Choose MT web resources to work with via the menu Resources > Web or the Dashboard.
  2. Select the MT web resource in the tab.
  3. Click the Translate button in the source segment toolbar to copy the current source segment or a selected phrase to the source text box of the MT web resource.
  4. Select with the mouse the provided machine translation in the target box of the resource in the web browser to transfer it fast to CafeTran's target segment editor.
  5. If the target language box of the resource is editable (e.g. DeepL), you can bind it to CafeTran's target segment editor via Edit > Bind external editor. Then, just edit the translation and press the CTRL+A followed by CTRL+C keyboard shortcuts to transfer the translation and move on to the next segment.



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Java 9 is out, I hope it is safe to update as I am doing so now.

Please hold on with this Java 9 update until CafeTran is ready for it.

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The new build of update 21 (2017092301) is available for download with the following:

  • Fixed the cyclic text transfer via Clipboard in the Clipboard workflow.
  • Some polishing of the Dashboard interface. 


Please update the program as described in the announcement post above. 

I'm using the Coffeehouse theme, and I admit I liked it better before the update at least in one respect: that pink seems a little too flashy to me.

I like the pastel colors used in the other buttons (Quick search bar, Open project/Start project, Green bars in Dashboard, etc.), so I would maybe tone it down a bit to keep the color palette consistant. We're in autumn after all!

But maybe that's just me. :-)

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  We're in autumn after all!

That's convincing as I looked out of the window this morning. Please check the font title colors of the Dashboard Coffeehouse theme in today's build 2017092401. :)

Thank you for this new iteration, Igor.

I admit it is difficult to strike the right color against a dark background.

I was more thinking of keeping the purple color but toning it down towards "cyclamen"/"lavender-like": (color code) A10670, or C50099. Cyclamens bloom in autumn :-) Or I would choose a more earthy hue for the new yellow-orange color, again, less flashy, more pastel.

Purple and green make a fine balance, but brown-yellow and green are fine too.

Decisions, decisions :-)

Igor said Java 9 is out, but my system says Java 8 v144 is the recommended version.
So what?


Wolfgang: Igor said Java 9 is out

It's the JDK, not the JRE. Besides, Igor also told us to wait installing it till CT is ready for it.


A few posts back, Igor wrote: Please hold on with this Java 9 update until CafeTran is ready for it.


CafeTran does not yet start with Java 9 (some exceptions are produced, when starting from terminal), I trust it will in the coming update.

Ok, thanks for your replies



The new build of update 21 (2017092701) is available for download with the following:


- Block to load multiple memory files which have the same name. 

- Interface font size for 1400-1900 resolution screens is two points larger by default.

Please update the program as described in the announcement post above. 

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