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How to add a resource


I'd love to add DeepL as a resource.

Hi Joachim,

You can add it as a new web resource via Resources > Add web resource... .

Just paste the following address: in the first "Internet address:" field.

Then, after creating a new resource, you can activate Edit > Copy source segments to clipboard and paste each new segment into the source area of the DeepL. Select the DeepL's translation (or a part of it) in its target language editor to transfer it fast to CafeTran's target language editor.

You can expect a better integration in the future when they make it available via the API.

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IK: You can expect a better integration in the future 

I hope so. I get a complete mess:


What's more, if I paste the source segment in DeepL, it also gets pasted in the TL in CT.


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That's probably related to a certain Java 8 bug on Mac OS which they is say to fix in Java 9, officially released in September if there is no delay.

IK: ...Java 8 bug on Mac OS

Bad luck. Thanks anyway.


Please have some patience:

Works with Windows 10, thanks.

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