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DeepL connection for CafeTran

I just kindly requested Mr. Frahling to let the API also offer the alternative translations for isolated words.
Very interesting German speech of Mr Frahling: Fascinating what can be achieved in a couple of months. I'm starting to worry now.

Hi guys,

Just read that GT4T (Windows only, sadly) now supports DeepL, plus its alternative suggestions. Just installed it and will test it.




Yes, I saw your posting. But for the moment I'm happy with DeepL running as the first of four MT engines in the tabbed pane. It's queried for every new segment and when it comes with another gem, I either press a keyboard shortcut or I use the mouse to transfer (parts of the) suggested translation to CafeTran. It all very much looks like the other three engines, except for the citation below DeepL's target editor. The look and feel is API'ish.

Yes, when needed, in CT, Alt+Enter (Translate button) also works for selected words in source (instead of full segment).

and in Quick Search field... :-)

From C't:



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