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Converting a selected value from US <> EU etc.

Based on this great posting:

I adapted the described Keyboard Maestro macro for use in CafeTran (see the attached file).

Candidates for conversion:

120 yards 5.44kg (12 lbs.) 120 ft 120 yards 

120kg 12g 12m 15°C 17 °C 20 in. 20" 

23°C 2300°K 24gm 42 oz. 50 miles 50cm 

59 °F 59°F 67mm 79 °F 80km


In this version of the macro, values with the degree symbol or selections with a trailing space won't get converted. If this post receives many likes, I might want to try to fix this ;).

PS Perhaps this Perl script can be executed via Preferences > General > Desktop search tool, too? For those who don't want to use Keyboard Maestro.

Lenting: ...values with the degree symbol or selections with a trailing space won't get converted


I think they do get converted, except for °K. There's a good reason for it. It doesn't exist (and it may not be available in the Perl script). Degrees Kelvin lack the degrees symbol, so your 2300°K should be written as 2300K or 2300 K (not sure about the space). The additional problem is that few people know this. To solve the problem, you could add a conversion of both "K" and "°K" to "°C" or "°F", with and without space. That should cover it all. Maybe.


The author has updated the Perl script. Please use the attached file to make the macro work.

@Hans: Yes, I noticed that degree sign before the K too. Thanks for mentioning it!


Comma-dot conversion is missing, should be added. And cd-conversion should be disabled in CT.


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