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Multiple Instances of CafeTran

Firstly, I keep my memories and such stored on Dropbox.

I was wondering how CafeTran handles memory management in regards to my big mama TM if I open multiple instances of CafeTran, either on the same PC or one on my desktop and one on my laptop.

Basically, when I have other projects to do while doing a very large project, I would rather not close the instance of CafeTran for the large project, but I have been up to this point because I was worried the memory would get out of sync or end up missing segments.

However, I also have a suspicion Igor has given this some thought already simply because of the fact that you can open multiple instances of CafeTran on the same PC. 

So, please let me know about this.


I have no experience regarding use of resources with several instances of CafeTran simultaneously.

However, I have found that the use of Project Templates makes fast switching to a another (new) project and returning to the previous project a piece of cake.

I'm very happy with them.

Thanks for the quick reply.

It isn't about switching really.

When a large project has many files within the project, any segments auto-propagated to other files are not saved when you close CafeTran. At least this is my experience, and I mostly work with Trados packages in CafeTran.

So, when you start that project up again, not only do you lose the status information on how much of the project you have actually completed, you have to retranslate those segments again as they come up.

Granted, it is in your memory, so should be a 100% match, but it still wastes time.

I have always wondered about this, but the reason why I am finally asking about it is because I have a project that consists of almost 2,000 separate files totaling 250,000 characters with well over half of it being matches or near matches. The deadline is also really tight, so I don't want to waste any unnecessary time.

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There is no special memory management if you run multiple instances of CafeTran on your computer. Only make sure you update your Dropbox resources asynchronously because I am not sure how Dropbox manages them if they are updated at the same time from two separate processes.

Thanks for the reply Igor.

So, should everything be OK do you think if I don't actually proceed in the large project while some other project is opened  in another instance? Then, when I finish the other small project and go back to the large project, I just reload my big mama TM. I think this should be OK, but let me know if it wouldn't for some reason.

I am not aware of any issues with the described workflow scenario.

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