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Refinements non-translatables from glossaries

It would be very nice if the following two refinements in the handling of non-translatables from glossaries could be made:

  1. When entering a new segment, the non-translatables from a glossary are displayed in purple first (as should be) and then this purple is overlaid (replaced?) with orange (on my system the colour for matches from term glossaries). This shouldn't be.
  2. When using regular expressions like |CP\d+ or |Y\d+ for components in process technology, these components are displayed nicely in the F4 pick list: CP23 and Y64. However, the numerical values 23 and 64 are displayed too. This shouldn't be since it is inconsistent and distracting. Analogue to the "Show longest glossary entry only" setting for term glossaries, a solution would be nice.
Thank you for your attention!

Without regular expressions |F\d+ and |OB\d+:


With regular expressions |F\d+ and |OB\d+:


In this segment:


I get these non-translatables:


From which in my opinion the items 2, 4 and 6 are distracting.

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