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CTRL+ENTER doesn't start finding

On my iMac, CTRL+ENTER doesn't start finding from the Find dialogue box anymore. Can others confirm this?

2017 - Yeddi Update 9 - 20170508

New segment navigation command - "Add segment to memory and go to next untranslated segment" (default keyboard shortcut - CTRL+ENTER). 

Default Scope search shortcut has been moved by default to : Ctrl+Shift+G (was Ctrl+Enter)

Maybe this is why?

You can change it in the shortcut preferences.

Thank you, Jean, for pointing this out. I'll check the keyboard shortcut. BTW: This means an inconsistency in the closing / execution of dialogue boxes (see e.g. Add term, where CTRL+ENTER does close the dialogue box).

Anyway, you can't suite them all as a programmer, can you Igor? 

This was a nice illustration of the usefulness of the Changelog ;)

Indeed :-)

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