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No ProjectTM when opening an SDLXLIFF

If I remember correctly, Martin reported this first: when I check the box to create a new ProjectTM (and probably this goes for the ProjectTerms too) and then open an SDLXLIFF, I find myself wondering that no ProjectTM has been created when CafeTran's GUI is displayed.

I think that this is an inconsistency that could bewilder novices (and aren't we all novices?).


I would like to join other people in requesting the feature to create a project folder for XLF files in the same way as DOCX files and the like, containing ProjectGlossary and ProjectTM.

I am not a big fan of Project TMs or TBs, as every bit of data should be correctly sorted and assigned. But his should be repaired.

I agree, Torsten. Personally, I only use them for quick ones. Often my agency clients don't even bother to mention their client's name, so I call these projects 'div2017-08-10' or so ;).

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