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Superscript tag on one character changes the script of the text that follows


I noticed that when I add a superscript tag on a single character within a word, the text continues to be in superscript after that character, upon document export or preview.

Sometimes, this goes until a tag that corresponds to a superscript manual note number, which is then reversed to normal script.

Indeed, in French, centuries are often written in roman characters. For example, the 20th century can be written as XXe siècle. The e after XX should be set in superscript.ècle

I attach a screenshot of the preview that shows the issue.

This seems to occur only when a single character within a word is being tagged as superscript.


Just for reference: there are also superscript letters in Unicode.




Do you actually close that superscript 'r' tag?

I've had what I am pretty sure was the same problem once or twice recently. Superscript extending into the rest of the text. Forgot to send in a bug report though.


No manual closing with /r possible?


Yes, I manually enter the opening and closing tags (r + Esc).

The manual closing superscript tag sequence is as follows:

/ + r + Esc

Where can I find that manual?


Hans, thank you for the Unicode solution, it might come handy in the future.

Igor, I had somehow missed the need to add a / when manually inserting closing tags.

That did the trick nicely. Thank you.

So, no bug, just a feature hidden from (my) plain sight!

Using CafeTran feels sometimes like embarking into a magic apprenticeship journey full of treasures or becoming a member of a mystic order :-)

And, as the warning says when you first login as root in a GNU/Linux terminal: With great power comes great responsibility.

CT user, take heed!

The five of us should come together for a couple of days. Crash write the manual and drink polish schnapps in the evening.
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