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Hey Igor,

Via a ticket I've sent you this huge SDLPPX project that has been created from Adobe FrameMaker MIF.

As you can see, everyone of the zillion segments is surrounded by <x0> and </x0>.

I've created a macro to insert these tags, but for future projects it would be nice if these tags could get brought outside the segments.

Clean segments, that's what CafeTran is about :).

Anyway, I'm now nearing delivery date and I can envision a QA problem with the trailing spaces and punctuation marks:

Since every segment ends with </x0>, many errors won't get caught.

Is there a clever workaround for this, our should I do the QA in Studio for now?



What is the issue with "Hide boundary tags"? Trailing and leading spaces?

If "Hide boundary tags" option is checked, I can't see any start and end tags in your project.

Thanks Igor, blushing again ...

@Torsten: yes, missing trailing spaces and periods. But with the tags hidden, there's no problem whatsoever.

(The stupid thing: I cannot remember that I toggled this setting:)


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