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Deletion of content of the target segment

For now I'm placing this in the coffee quatsch corner, because I'm not sure whether this strange effect is self inflicted:

since a couple of days, with the latest Java and CafeTran, I'm experiencing a very strange effect in the target segment editor:

when I delete something at the end of the segment, the whole content of the segment is deleted

very, very strange

(and yep, I've deactivated Keyboard Maestro to eliminate possible dumbness of mine)

Some more observations:

Possibly related to AC listening in/getting triggered:


This Segment got AA'd as:

Aansluitingen op dicht-

I wanted to delete dicht-

cursor placed at the end, Alt+Backspace to delete to the left, fast typing of c (for controleren) et voila:

whole content gone with the wind to Dr. Zhivago

Oh, and of course there have been some changes in OS X a few days ago. 

Maybe your Backspace key got sticky?

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