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I am really enjoying as my freelancing translation management tool (job management, invoicing, etc.) and would like to inform fellow CafeTran users of a useful new feature that supports CafeTran Espresso. now allows you to import matches from CAT tool analysis files (SDL Trados, Wordfast Pro, MemoQ and CafeTran Espresso).

This help page explains the process:

For CafeTran specifically:

  1. Go to Projects>Statistics>Memory statistics and select a Memory.
  2. Save the html report in Projects>Statistics>Save report (see screenshot)


  1. Create/Add a CAT tool configuration for CafeTran Espresso (screenshot 1).
  2. Map CT’s match categories to matches (screenshot 2)
  3. Open or create a Job and click on Edit>Matches (from a CAT tool analysis. Select the configuration you want to use. The word count is broken down by match category (screenshot 3). 
Notes: Pricing per match category can be set and applied in Jobs/Invoices. Matches can be set to be hidden in Invoices if needed.


PS: The typo in the name has been reported and will be corrected soon.

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Very nice, Jean!

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Very interesting!

I will be contacting the developer of BaccS too in a day or so (whom I am in close contact with), to add CT analysis functionality to his new CAT tool analysis importer!





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Since both software programs are part of the Proz Plus package, this only sounds logical. Can BAX improve your rates per word?

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BaccS just woke me up and made my coffee!

The point of a program like and BaccS is to help you manage your translation jobs quickly and efficiently, make the tedious task of invoicing more enjoyable and effortless, and strengthen your professional image across the board. It can also help cultivate a feeling that you are on top of everything.

A good translation management/invoicing program is definitely providing value to your business.

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Hi @HL where did you see that is part of the ProZ plus package? I couldn't find any reference to this and I'd really love to try the program.

BaccS also seems pretty cool but, unfortunately, Windows only :(


I think HL was talking about BaccS and CafeTran Espresso.

I confirm is not part of the ProZ Plus package. Since it's an online, cross-platform, it would have made more sense to offer it instead of a Windows-only program (although BaccS sees a very good choice otherwise).

Anyway, is great for freelancers and I don't regret the monthly investment :-) There's a 30-day trial for anyone wishing to see for themselves.

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By the way, Eugene recently added an online version of BaccS, so there are now a Windows version and an online version! As people here may know I am a happy user of BaccS myself.

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Nice! Thank you, Michael, for this info. As a Plus member, I will definitely look into this :-)

Hi Jean, maybe if a couple of us are interested, we can ask nicely that ProZ try to contact

BaccS online is a valid solution but, to be honest, I'm not super comfortable in having my financial data available online (before you say anything, I imagine it's private but for sure the developer and maybe a couple of associated marketing companies can access users' personal info online)

@LA: Just to be clear, as far as I understand it, the situation is currently as follows: = online only

BaccS = online + Windows version

By the way, BaccS was actually online only in the beginning. I discussed this with the developer at the time and mentioned that I thought that a lot of translators would not use BaccS because of this reason. He then decided to develop a Windows version, and at some point either cancelled the online version or put it on the backburner. Can't remember exactly. However, he recently reintroduced the online version, which already almost has all the features of the Windows version (he's working very hard on achieving feature parity). Anyway, just thought I should mention what I know.


I know very little about Trivial of course, but I do remember being put off by the name when I first heard about.


Also note that I don't know the developer of BaccS personally, but from the many emails we have exchanged over the year or two I have been communicating with him he seems like a very nice guy and is trustworthy. That is, I seriously doubt he would in any way allow marketing third parties to access your business data.

OK, back to work!

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I contacted ProZ, they suggested I used Protemos

Has anyone tried it/comments? Thanks

Hmm, no, never tried Protemos. Are you on a Mac? If so, your only options seem to be online stuff. = online only

Protemosonline only 

BaccS = online + Windows version

TO3000 3D = Windows version

Speaking of which, are there any native Mac programs such as BaccS/TO3000?


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