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REQ: CT as TM editor - some points

Inspired by Martin I played around a bit with the 'Edit TMX memory' feature.

  • There is a 'Delete segment' button, wouldn't a shortcut (and perhaps a menu entry) be fine? (a menu entry would have to be greyed out most of the time, not really a good idea)
  • Is there the 500 entries' limit (or was it 1000 entries?) for the Edit TMX memory mode? In any case this mode (or use case) might be a fine thing to approach more linguists to the beauty of CafeTran (as replacement of the TMX editor from Heartsome), especially due to the standard filters CT offers.
  • "Edit TMX memory" isĀ tautological, isn*t it? Maybe 'Edit TM' is a bit short, maybe 'TM edit mode' can do the trick.

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Some improvements to the TM editor are present in today's update 18. Thanks!

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