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REQ: Project TMs / glossaries for SDLPPX


Here's a feature request:
It would be very convenient if we could lave Project TMs and Project Glossaries for SDLPPX translation projects as well.

Would it be possible to implement this?


Hi Martin,

I'm not sure that I understand you correctly: what hinders you to tick the two corresponding checkboxes when opening a SDLPPX? You mean, that these resources won't be created, although they are selected in the Dashboard?

For SDLPPX projects, Project Tms and Project Glossaries aren't created even though I've selected the checkboxes in the Dashboard.

Actually, creating a TM for the specific project isn't such a big problem. But with Project Glossaries, it can be a bit annoying. It's not just that you have to create a glossary for each SDLPPX project - you also have to remove the glossary from the glossary list after completing each project; otherwise, the glossary list would sooner or later be packed with all those project-specific glossaries.


Well, I just remember that for most of my previous SDLPPX project, CT actually did create a project-specific TM. It wasn't called ProjectTM, but the TM's name was the language code of the target language (e.g. de-DE.tmx), probably because a folder inside the SDLPPX had this name.
But right I'm working on an SDLPPX project with no other TMs attached (i.e. I don't need any TMs other than a project TM): In that case, CT didn't even create a Project TM, even though the corresponding box on the Dashboard had been checked.
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