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Problems with multi-document Studio packages


I've noticed two problems while translating SDL Studio packages (SDLPPX) containing several sdlxliff files.

Here's the bigger one: Choosing "Project statistics" and "Current document statistics" both give the same result. The statistics for the current document are shown in each case, and there's no way to get the statistics for the whole project.

And here's another, smaller one: When I glue all documents in the "Documents" dialogue and then unglue one document again, the "G" (for "glued documents") is still shown in the Grid next to the document number.

Hope the problems can be fixed soon.



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Here's the bigger one:

The Project statistics option takes into account all sorts of filtering and gluing, so in the unglued mode, both Project and Document statistics can produce the same results for a single sdlxilif file. Please glue the sdlxliff files to produce the statistics for them all.

And here's another, smaller one:

This glitch is fixed in the next update. Thanks!  

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