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REQ: Automatic path when Studio TM is not read-only

When translating Studio packages I usually set the Package TM to read-only.

But if not doing so, CT asks me after several confirmed segments where to save the Package TM. That's annoying, there should be a setting that this Package TM  – if not read-only – should simply be saved where the sdltm file is.

Wouldn't that be logical?

This request is a kind of supplement or sequel of this one.

I think it is dangerous to interfere with SDL package structure by inserting your TMs there. After packaging back to sdlppx, Studio may not be able to import it. That's why CafeTran does not suggest saving your TMs inside packages coming from other tools. 

Indeed, that's right.

Another fix would be

- save it automatically in the package's folder (same to save there return package, by the way)

- remember the setting to set Studio TMs always to read-only, as CT does not alter them anyway (but produces a new TM (that does not contain the elder segments from the sdltm file, right?)), so the notion "read-only" is a bit misleading here.

Of course, I see & understand the point that this is „only“ Studio,  

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